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It is not always easy to bottle feed a baby. The baby may refuse, or the night feedings are a hassle. Bottle feeding may be necessary, as for example with formula fed babies or if you need to leave the house and go to work while still breastfeeding. But there are benefits from helping breastfed babies accept the. The reason for this is that breastmilk is made on supply and demand and night feeds are an important way of increasing your milk supply. However, it is okay to do it occasionally. Unfortunately, if you do not breastfeed at all during the night, then your milk supply will be reduced as a result. Many breastfed babies will drink from a bottle but they can develop a preference for it. If you’re breastfeeding, nurse however long you usually do. If you’re bottle feeding, give the same amount of ounces like normal. And give the same amounts at all wake up times. Let’s say he wakes up twice a night, and you normally nurse for 20 minutes. Jun 12, 2009 · Bottle feeding and breast feeding both provide adequate nutrition for growing babies and neither is harmful. Breast feeding allows the mothers antibodies to protect the baby until the baby stops. breast feeding during the day and bottle at night?: Just wondering if it will confuse the bub if I breastfeed him during the day and when/if i get a good supply happening I can pump and feed him breast milk in the bottle at night so my partner can also help he wants to on weekends and stuff so I can get some sleep? Im prepared fo any scenario as well as not being able to breast.

Night weaning and phasing out night feeds: when to do it. From six months of age, if your baby is developing well, it’s OK to think about night weaning for breastfed babies and phasing out night feeds for bottle-fed babies.At this age, most babies are getting enough food. Reasons for Bottle Feeding Breastmilk. Mom is returning to work and will need somebody to bottle feed her baby breastmilk during the day. Mom wants to take a break at night. This will give dad or another family member the chance to feed and bond with the baby while she rests. Mom may just find that she prefers to feed her baby with a bottle. Jul 20, 2016 · If your baby seems to wake very frequently at night, use breast compression to increase the amount of high-fat milk he gets at each feeding. While the baby is sucking, squeeze your breast between your thumb and fingers — like hand-expressing but right into his mouth. 10. Nap when possible Get as much rest as you can during the day.

Dec 19, 2011 · One of the most important things to get right to help your baby to sleep through the night is the nighttime feeding. In most cases, this is the last time you feed the baby before you go to bed, and how you do it will affect how much sleep you’ll get. If you're breastfeeding, gradually shorten the time she nurses. Change the time you nurse so it isn't near the time your child falls asleep, and have someone else put her to bed so she doesn't smell your milk. You can cut out bottle-feeding by reducing the amount of formula by 1 ounce every night. Aug 23, 2013 · If your baby is bottle feeding then there are different things to consider during nighttime parenting. Wakes up for bottle. Our fifteen-month-old won’t go to sleep without his “ba-ba.” Then he wakes up twice during the night screaming for his bottle. I’m getting to hate “ba-ba,” and I wish he did.” Babies like to feed off to sleep, either by breast or bottle. And, in fact, many toddlers need a before.

The next night I sent my husband in again and the same thing happened. I think my son associates me with his feedings so he expects me to feed him when I come to him in the middle of the night. — Jackie. I've been breastfeeding my son since birth, but to get him to sleep longer at night, I give him a little formula at his last feeding. 2 week old ds struggled with breast feeding due to tongue tie, now snipped and feeding with nipple shields during the day fine, but during the night. It's often said that breastfeeding particularly while lying down at night will cause tooth decay, just like letting a baby sleep with a bottle of milk can cause "baby bottle mouth." Essentially, a valid link has not been made between nursing nighttime or otherwise and cavities.

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