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"Sorry Natsu! That was insensitive of me." Lucy apologized. Natsu shook his head and sighed. "I know you meant well. Now, let's get off this dark topic and move on to what you came here for Lucy! Those ancient books." Natsu said. Lucy and Mavis took a breath and they all went over to Mavis's library. "Take as long as you need. Fanfiction. It's mating season for the dragon slayers. Natsu is a submissive slayer, Gray is a dominant devil slayer. What happens when gray discovers Natsu has gone into heat? And what happens after when an earthland shattering secret is revealed?. "Mavis dear, sometimes, I seriously wonder about your sanity. Were you born mad, or has that. "U-Uh. Brandish. what does August do to help us train?" You tried to make small talk."He helps us with everything we need help with in our magic." Brandish explained. You didn't look at you, nor did she look like she wanted to talk to you. What's with her?"Lucy. Lucy Heartfilia, you knew her. You were her best friend. Tell me everything about her mother.".

Read Zeref & Mavis from the story Te Perdí NALU Fanfic by Nalu_Shipper_JackieB Jackie with 2,243 reads. nalu. Natsu POV No puedo dormir, veo el reloj y son. Natsu Dragneel is the schools bad boy at Fairy Tail High. He's battle scarred from fights and follows his own rules. He rides a motorcycle and wears a leather jacket alm. Natsu Dragneel, also known as the great Lord END, is a dangerous mafia that is adored and feared globally by others. Lucy Heartfilia is his slave but unknown to him, she has a secret, well two to be exact. Natsu has struggled with nightmares that he can scarcely remember when he wakes up for years, and recently, something has begun clawing at his chest, desperately wanting out. Just as Erza thinks she can finally be free of her past, it comes back to haunt her.

Alternate start from when the Strauss Siblings go on the S-Class: What if instead of Elfman telling Natsu that he can’t because it was his as the man of the family to protect them, but Mirajane Strauss, who tells Natsu he was too weak and dangerous to go with them. Damn, Is that Natsu? A Fairytail Fanfiction Fanfiction. After the Battle of Fairytail. Laxus gets kicked out, and Natsu goes with him. Read the first chapter. If you aren't hooked leave. fairytail guilds laxus natsu powerful tenrou. Read Chapter 17: Zeref and Mavis from the story Fairy Tail FanFic by Black_Demon_Queen Jazyna HeartNeel Ackerman with 1,053 reads. bruhh, stingxnatsume, idon. Three weeks after Natsu got kidnapped, Zeref, who heard what happen to Natsu, pass by a castle where he heard Natsu screams. The dark mage saved him, but the fairy tail mages arrive when he healed Nastu and both of the revealed something that the other mages never accepted. for a few years.

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